Illuminated Hearts Integrative Healing - East Brookfield, MA
Illuminated Hearts Integrative Healing
Illuminated Hearts Integrative Healing - East Brookfield, MA

My Prayer to All,
is that you allow God to show your heart who you are born to be!
~ Bonnie

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inspiring song:
"Who I Was Born to Be"
by Susan Boyle

Illuminated Hearts Integrative Healing Center

"Bonnie's warmth and insight has brought peace and understanding to many individuals from newborns to adults. Her ability to be in her heart
and hear true guidance has helped many in their healing process. Bonnie's time spent with me and my clients have proven to be immeasurable
support and healing in their mind, body and spirit."


Illuminated Hearts Integrative Healing

“Sufism is the path of purification and knowledge of the heart that leads to Union with Divine Truth and the experience of the Reality of Gnosis.

The Sufi Path includes the teachings from all the prophetic traditions and holds all these traditions in love and oneness. Sufis believes that all these teaching are one Divine Teaching that has been revealed and unfolded through different teachers.

This means that it includes all the teachings that can lead a soul out of the world of pain and suffering and into the higher worlds of Divine Union, Love, Knowledge, and Completion.

From the writings of
Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe

Illuminated Hearts Integrative Healing


Thank you, for visiting The Illuminated Hearts Integrative Healing website.

How do we do this thing called life and feel some peace in the process?

Simple life skills, can be learned, and applied to our daily lives to provide us the daily peace we are all looking for. I can support you in finding this inner peace for yourself.

Does this mean you will never have any problems?

No, of course not; I can help you to change the way you look at and react to problems. Then you can establish and maintain your own connection to inner peace.

My dream has been to create a place where people can come together to learn life skills in a gentle way. I used to believe, “Life is hard.” I now know it doesn’t have to be. I have come to realize it’s the difficult times that strengthen our faith. With support and understanding, we can choose to see what a situation is teaching us, rather than just reacting to it.

“Your task is not to seek for Love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”


With fifteen years of experience, as a Heart-Centered, Intuitive Sufi Healer, I have supported many adults, children, and couples to find their own connection to something greater within themselves. I know sometimes quieting ourselves enough to hear what our heart needs can be a challenge, but learning some unique Spiritual Sufi practices can help establish our connection to the Real love in our own heart that supports and guides us.

This is a gentle guidance and a real peace that has supported me through out the trials of my life.

“When your heart feels the love, then everything around you is quiet and at peace. This is from the message, but not all the message. Live to Love and to know God.”

Sidi Muhammad al-Jamal
ar-Rifa’I as- Shadhili

Whether you have come to this site by accident, or looking for something real with inspiring guidance, my hope is we can offer you something that will bring inspiration to your heart.

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